New Visions of Tomorrow served as volunteers at Sense-ational Science, where students, volunteers, and organizers all had a blast at the event. The camp was hosted by Dr. Maria Dulay, with K.I.D.S (501(c)3 nonprofit) and NASA-Johnson Space Center as sponsors. Their motto, "Science is for Everyone", was truly apparent through the many workshops set up, with stations such as smelly balloons and felt-pressing to draw kids further into the science behind it all. Special guest Simon from the NASA-Johnson Space Center provided a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the youngsters, bringing many samples of meteorites from the moon and Mars along with him. 

Copies of highly-recommended books from the National Braille Press were also displayed at the event, includingTouch the Stars by Noreen Grice, which featured images of constellations and other astronomical bodies that were able to be examined by touch. A big thank you to all the sponsors and other volunteers whose hard work and planning helped make the event a success. 

The San Jose Mercury News provided media coverage for the event. Check out their pictures and descriptions here