Families and members of the Vista Center Youth community gathered once again this fine afternoon to see The Croods, in audio edition! Volunteers from New Visions of Tomorrow performed tasks such as assisting younger children in setting up headsets correctly and tuning into the channel of the film we were seeing. The narrated descriptions began streaming in while movie trailers were playing prior to the featured movie. Once the main attraction began to play, many experienced for the first time in their lives a full audio description of the activities taking place on the big screen. For those who had less severe visual impairment, they were able to view the graphics and listen at the same time, providing a great all-around experience at the theater. Afterwards, we dined at the Spaghetti Factory for a late, filling lunch. New Visions of Tomorrow was able to meet many new faces, as well as some familiar ones, and talk to others about our plans and take suggestions for future events.