New Visions of Tomorrow volunteers had the opportunity to experience a guidance lesson trip with Manny, a high school student suffering from post-birth visual impairment. Paul Raskin, staff member and teacher at Vista Center, traveled with us throughout various sections of the Bay Area during the day-long trip. At the Cal-train station in San Antonio, Manny learned of the various functions available to him while purchasing tickets and boarding the train. After an hour's ride, we arrived at a small downtown center at San Mateo and stopped by the nearby Century Cinemas to watch a movie (with audio versions available). 

As we walked from the theater to a local burger joint for a late-afternoon snack, Manny was also informed of the signals indicating the correct time to cross streets, as well as other miscellaneous tips. The day concluded at our arrival back in Mountain View, with Manny more skilled in areas that he had not had a chance to practice in the past.