New Visions of Tomorrow's volunteers worked with Vista Center to bring along youth individuals to Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. This organization is the largest instruction and training site for dog aids for the blind, and has graduated thousands of canines who ave proceeded to successfully assist the visually impaired.   

Children were greeted by the managing and outreach coordinators of Guide Dogs for the Blind, who presented us with the process of acquiring a guide dog. Kids were then able to walk through a training simulation typically given for prospective guide dog users enrolled within the GDB program. In addition, families who had come along received answers to their questions about the guide dog lifestyle. Many are now considering transitioning from cane users to guide dog users. 

Afterwards, they attended a guide dog graduation ceremony, where several legally blind individuals received their new guide dog. Puppy raisers who had provided a home for the dogs during their first year of living passed on the canines on to their users, many of which had journeyed from several states across the US to receive their guide.